Another zone system free show as Simon and Andrew channel their inner talk show hosts as they quiz guests who, to be frank are only on the show to sell stuff.

Mercenary guests Jason Lane and Steve Lloyd are on the verge of completing “ChromaGraphica” a Kickstarter campaign for brand new, injection moulded dry plate holders.

We talk to Steve about his back story and the awesome Chroma Camera that will very shortly be on sale to all and sundry and then Jason tells us all about Pictoriographica, his dry plate business – the history, the process, hints and tips and why we should all be out there using dry plates (film is dead folks).


Links and references arising from the discussions:


We discussed storage methods for dry plates, Andrew uses Secol in the UK for all things archival


Jason plugged “Dry Plate Photographers” Facebook Group – Andrew has joined it and very informative it is too


Jason referenced the work of Denise Ross who wrote about her dry plate experience on her great “light farm” site


Ron Mowrey, former Kodak emulsion engineer – check out a youtube video and go from there


Andrew mentioned a youtube video by “Planetrandy” (yes I know) who uses a large wooden wetplate camera and Jasons plates


Steve’s links

Check out his website for Chroma Camera




Jason’s links

His website is the place to go for sales, hints and tips




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